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    Gift was born in 2010 after the brain-storming sessions of think tanks of Diplomacy, trade, commerce and industrialists of India. The aim of Global Institution of Friendship Trust is to provide a simplified platform to the Exporters, Importers, Industrialists in areas like Textiles, Jewelry, Lifestyle, Health, beauty wellness industry etc. The activities of the GIFT go beyond the traditional format of Trade, Industrial and business associations. It assists it; members in boosting their trade and investment activities; guide and advise them on domestic and international Market access and how precisely to promote their business interests through varied platforms such as business conferences, B2B meeting, International seminars and interactive discussions with high ranking officials, stake holders from India and abroad. It highlights easy and difficult barriers in existence or emerging from time to time and ways to oercome hurdles and tread an assialable safe path. Gift also assists business houses seeking opportunities in India by identifying suitable business partners for joint ventures, and other commercial activities. It work tirelessly to spread global foot prints in business world. Its main Moto is to "Develop and Conduct Business Globally.GIFT registered under Indian Trust act 1950 with Governement of NCT Delhi.

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