The Global Art is an exchange program for peace where participants present various walks of arts, medium and expressing vision for global peace and brotherhood. It promotes peace among nations around the world. The mission of the program is to bring an awareness, knowledge and culture of other nations. This is done by awaring expatriate around the world about each other through an exchange of their art. When people exchange their art, a respect and appreciation of the other culture develops. We believe the basis for world peace begins with each of us through personal connections, such as those provided by Global art program.


Addressing the root causes of violence by teaching tolerance, cooperation and sharing.

Connecting people of diverse culture backgrounds, providing exposure to new ideas and teaching that the world can be safe for diversity.

Seeding the future with vision of peace, love and friendship.

Connecting people who choose to create and share a vision of global unity, thus creating a network of cooperation that can help to make the vision of unity a reality.

Healing and transforming feelings of isolation and separation by providing a feeling of connection to the whole.