Subordinate Committee

Friendship committees are private valountary organizations based in India whose aim and purpose is to strengthen & promote the mutual understanding, the multi-faceted cooperation the link between India and other nation's expatriate community in hopes of using the resources and potential of these expatriates to benefit both nations. It coordinates government institutions, people's organizations, societies and trusts in organizing activities to develop peace, free trade and economic relation beween the nations.  The friendship committee build up important knowledge and contacts. It sometimes organise seminars to which the corporate people, diplomates and government officials are invited to provide information about developments in the country. 


INDO - AFRICAN  Friendship Committee

INDO - ASEAN  Friendship Committee

INDO - BRICS  Friendship Committee

INDO - G-8  Friendship Committee

INDO - G-20   Friendship Committee

INDO - GULF  Friendship Committee

INDO - ARAB  Friendship Committee

INDO - SAARC  Friendship Committee

INDO - LATIN AMERICA  Friendship Committee

INDO - EUROPEAN UNION  Friendship Committee

INDO - WEST ASEA  Friendship Committee

INDO - AMERICA  Friendship Committee

INDO - CANADA  Friendship Committee

INDO - CIS  Friendship Committee

INDO - SCANDINAVIAN Friendship Committee